Mazes in Pennsylvania

You're lost. There is no getting around this simple fact or trying to make the best of the situation. You have been wandering around for what has seemed like hours, and to no avail. Turn seems to take you back to where you started, but none of them bring you any closer to the exit. This might just be an interesting puzzle had you not chosen one of Pennsylvania's best Haunted Mazes, for now you are being stalked by ghosts and goblins. You're scared out of your wits and unable to maintain composure as the maze's inhabitants gleefully stare at you from afar. But it seems that, with each wrong turn, the monsters are getting closer...

Cheeseman Fright Farms
Portersville, PA

For more than a decade, Cheeseman Fright Farm has been bringing haunting entertainment during the Halloween season. The new season is almost upon us -- we are busy taking applications, planning new l... Read More


The sheer quantity of haunted attractions in Pennsylvania can make finding each one quite the challenge. Regardless of whether you're looking for haunts in your city/town, or looking to plan an epic road trip to visit multiple spooktacular spots,'s map provides an overview of the best haunts in the state. All you have to do is ensure that you are prepared for the spine-tinging terrors you will be experiencing.