Yard Haunts in Pennsylvania

Going beyond merely decorating their homes with jack-o'-lanterns and ghost decals, many Pennsylvanians have turned this homes into their very own haunted attractions. Comprising a number of excellent spooky destinations in unsuspecting places, Yard Haunts represent some of the state's most unusual Halloween entertainment. Since each one is entirely unique, predicting what you may find upon arrival is impossible. Maybe you'll find a kitchen that has been turned into a butcher's work area, complete with severed limbs and buckets of blood. Perhaps the yard has been transformed into a graveyard where corpses are just beginning to rise from their graves. Limited only by the imagination of the homeowner, a Yard Haunt may very well provide the spine-tingling thrills horror enthusiasts seek.

The sheer quantity of haunted attractions in Pennsylvania can make finding each one quite the challenge. Regardless of whether you're looking for haunts in your city/town, or looking to plan an epic road trip to visit multiple spooktacular spots, HauntedPennsylvania.com's map provides an overview of the best haunts in the state. All you have to do is ensure that you are prepared for the spine-tinging terrors you will be experiencing.